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Apelgren, Suzi
Originally I am an operasinger, ( still am !) but my great interest in Culture and history lead me to mediate history through my art. Without knowing anything about Museum Theatre, that was actually what I was doing in old Manorhouses and museums. I got more and more involved and were through my engagement headhunted for a job as director of a small museum.

After we were forced to go into fusion with bigger museums I lost my job - only being an operasinger and not educated museumexpert. And I was also looked down at, since my way of running the museum and mediating the cultural heritage was alternative - being done in a very large scale through art.

Unfortunatly - cause people and the press loved what I was doing.

That made me think! - I was obviously doing something right - making people and especially the young generations come to my museum! - but what?

I decided to educate as a museum prof. and get back on the track.

I now have an AU in experience economy focused on cultural history and just finished a danish Master degree with Museum Theatre as subject.

I now - being a blue eyed optimist - hope to revolutionate the danish way of mediating cultural history.


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