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About Insights Europe

Since its establishment in 2000, Insights Europe is the bi-annual journal of the International Museum Theatre Alliance Europe and has become widely regarded as offering the best in current scholarship on Museum Theatre and Live Interpretation. Many original and creative approaches to Museum Theatre, Live Interpretation and cognate fields of inquiry are pioneered in Insights Europe, which showcases the work of both new and established scholars and practitioners. The journal began publication in 2000. 

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Name Changes of Insights Europe

Insights Europe has changed its name over the years and it was known under the following names: 

♦ 2000-2008

European Insights. International Museum Theatre Alliance, Europe. London, IMTAL-Europe, September 2000 [?] Nottingham, IMTAL-Europe, Winter 2003 [?]-spring 2008 [Erscheinungsverlauf: Volume 2, no. 2 (September 2000) [?]-volume 9, no.1 (spring 2005) [?] ; Summer 2006 [?]-spring 2008]. Details.

♦ 2008-2012

IMTAL European Insights. International Museum Theatre Alliance, Europe. Boston Spa, IMTAL-Europe, Winter 2008-spring 2010 [Großbritannien], IMTAL-Europe, December 2010-spring 2012 [Erscheinungsverlauf: Winter 2008-spring 2012]. Details.

♦ 2012-2014

Insights : Journal of IMTAL Europe. International Museum Theatre Alliance, Europe. [Großbritannien], IMTAL Europe, Autumn 2012-winter 2013/2014 [Erscheinungsverlauf: Autumn 2012-winter 2013/2014]. Details.

♦ 2015-currently

Insights Europe : Journal of the International Museum Theatre Alliance - Europe. International Museum Theatre Alliance, Europe/Katholische Privat-Universität Linz. Linz, Catholic University, [2015?]- [Erscheinungsverlauf: Volume 16, issue 1 (2015) [?]-]. Details.


If you have any questions concerning Insights Europe or if you want to have published an article concerning museum theatre, please, contact the current publisher:

Ingo R. Glückler
Catholic University of Linz
Bethlehemstrasse 20
4020 Linz / Austria