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Glueckler, Ingo R.
Ingo is specialised in professional costumed first and third person interpretation and storytelling in historic houses, museums, castles, outdoor environments and other historic venues with experience of playing everyday characters from the Medieval period through to the early 20th century. Most roles have been unscripted, drawing on research and improvisation. His work has include freelance contracts at the State-Owned "Castles and Gardens in Baden-Württemberg" (Heidelberg Castle, Bruchsal Palace, Mannheim Palace, Schwetzingen Palace, UNESCO-World Heritage Site Cistercian Abbey Maulbronn, Benedictine Abbey Alpirsbach/Black Forest, Rastatt Palace), the German Pharmacy Museum, the Youth Hostel Association, the Speyer and Petersberg City Councils and the Diocese of Fulda. All events from living history to murder mysteries are based on historical facts and include roleplay and improvisation from participants. Historical personalities recently portrayed include Konrad Kyeser the author of the Bellifortis (1400), Brother Fulbert of Henegow (1462), Johann Friedrich Kreuth puppeteer of Prince Elector Charles III. Philipp (1726), Franz Fortunatus Baron Isselbach, Generalfeldzeugmeister of the Palatine Army, governor of Mannheim und head of the Schola Militaris (1726), Balthasar Neumann Architect of Bruchsal Palace (1731), Gottfried Frey Court Chemist of the Prince Bishop of Bamberg (1780), the Governmental Ghost Hunter of the Grand Duchy of Baden and the Kingdom of Württemberg Master Johann Remigius Miltitzer (1806), the Alsacian Wallpaper Manufacturer Jean Zuber (1806), Suabian Sausage Manufacturer Bäuerle, Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Lisle Strutt, who served as the last Austro-Hungarian Emperor-King protector at Eckartsau, and many more. M.A. in Protestant Theology, M.Th. in Church History, M.A. in Library and Information Science.


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